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IRC bot: ircbot.nx
Simple IRC bot that logins to a specified IRC server, joins the specified channel and prints out the traffic on a channel. If it gets a private message it responds with a sample reply
web spider: webspider.nx

A sample script that automates the downloads of the publicly available contents from the websites. At the moment it only handles www.c64.com, downloading all the C64 games found there.

multiservice server: multisvc.nx
A sample script that acts as a chargen, daytime and echo server.
ping:  ping.nx
Simple utility that sends ICMP Echo Requests to the specified host and displays round trip time upon arrival of each ICMP Echo Reply.
get remote mac address: getmac.nx
Utility that sends ICMP Echo request to a specified IP address, and prints out the MAC address of a responding host. *NOTE* If you ping a host beyond the router, it will print the MAC address of a router which forwarded the packet
traceroute:  traceroute.nx
Utility that traces route to the specified host by sequentially increasing TTL field in ICMP Echo Request packets. It displays round trip time of each hop encountered.
packet dump:  pktdump.nx
Utility that captures traffic on the network and prints it out on the console