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NX is a cross platform, script driven engine for easy network (sockets) programming. It provides unconstrained rapid development, and is ideal for writing, testing, experimenting with protocols, applications, servers or misc utilities that communicate over a network. Scripts currently run unchanged under Linux and WinNT+.

If you are a first time visitor, take a look at the scripts section to see what NX can do.

If you have questions, feature requests or problems running NX, you can give us your feedback or just post a message in one of the forums


 20 Dec 2001 - NX version 0.02 released

Changes in this release:

- change from handle oriented to object oriented
- new io classes for sockets and files
- new buffer class
- various other minor improvements

 01 Oct 2001 - NX version 0.01 released

This is the initial release of NX featuring:

- raw sockets
- tcp/ip headers manip
- various console, string & memory funcs